The ’80’s are BACK!

For those of us who already lived through the 80’s, you may be wondering But WHY?” (I know I did) But as I sit down and really think about it, the 80’s did have some very creative and yes even feminine fashion cornerstones.  Let me just say that it is NEVER wise to try and recreate an era that is still in the back of your closet after all these years.  Just because you have already worn the fashions of the 80’s in years past, DO NOT attempt to tease your bangs big with big red can of Aqua Net hairspray or wear jelly neon sandals with brightly colored leg warmers.  Start out with a little professional help so you don’t get laughed out of the grocery store.

You can jump on the 80’s bandwagon now, with some 80’s hair! The trick to pulling off 80’s hair without hearing giggles as you pass by folks is to be subtle. There are a few basic hairstyles that were iconic in the 80’s and they are actually some of my favorites for this season as well.

The first is what I would classify as Rock star layers.  This is long hair that is heavily layered to maximize volume and lift. Think lots of hairspray, lots of teasing and immovable, big hair.

The Rock Star Look from the '80's

Now here is a revised ’80’s look.

Today's look

Notice one is softer but both have similar lines.

They are still rockin’ with the bangs (short side sweep) very short layers and light teasing.

80's Classic Bob

One of the most popular styles of the ’80’s was the bob! They varied in length and extremes.  The same can be said for this season’s versions.

The new bob is softer but still can be edgy.

I personally was into punk most of the 1980’s and wore the hairstyles to prove it.  Here is a picture of me in my Mohawk style. (And yes, I thought I was cool!)

A really really young Sarah!

These hairstyles were short,short,more short and had a ton of attitude!

Don’t be scared to go this route when playing with the 80’s look this season.

But this year they have some new looks that are up to date ‘punk’ looks that look very feminine and not as drastic.  I think they look beautiful on light blondes, deep browns and redheads.

Take a look at these two………..

Today's Bob

Today's Bob

Softer Bob Cut

The final 80’s hair trend I see coming back is CURL! You heard me! The stick straight flat ironed look is not your only option this year.  Curl is big this year whether its natural, a perm or done with a curling iron!

New Curly look

Here was an example of the typical Madonna curly hair. Don’t throw away your old spiral perms rods and crimping irons. You will need them this year!

Today’s version of the 80’s curl is slightly different. The curls are separated and more defined. They can be very curly or quite loose.

I am here to guide you through your journey into 80’s hair this season.  I will give you some ideas and help you pick the most suitable version for you.  You can have a customized 80’s hairstyle that is comfortable, fun and matches your personality!  You will leave my chair with your very own piece of the 80’s AND that I will teach you how to recreate at home.

The 80’s are back in fashion and hair!  Now is a great time to flashback your look with an updated 80’s “do”.

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