Hair Color Intro

Let’s get down with the real information about hair color for you.  What is the color for this season?   Do you know what tones of color look best with your skin color?  You may have a secret desire to ‘go red’ again or for the first time.  There are temporary colors and permanent colors.  With the temporary ones you could even just play around until you find the perfect color for you this summer.

Hair color products have so improved over the years that you no longer have to fear looking like a straw-head or settle for just one flat color.  Streaking tones of the same color give your hair a natural look that no one will ever point to and say, “She must of done that at home!”  Because of course you won’t be doing it at home; I will be doing it for you.

Lets share some of those homemade colors that I call, “The late night panic run to the drug store” colors.  You thought the box was showing the color you wanted, only there were hidden aspects of your hair that as a professional you didn’t know about and it affected how the color turned out.

Fess up!  Everyone has a late night charge to Thrifty Drugs madly looking for a correction for the mess you made of your hair in your own bathroom.

Check my Hair Color posts for ongoing information on hair color

Many colors to choose from

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